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bean bag collection #2

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jessiyana and katamine lucky draw challenge: round 2
- challenge masterlist

1. jay park/jonghun (ft island): work me- the black keys

when jay agreed to be jonghun's personal trainer, he wasn't quite ready for the noises he made whenever he exerted any pressure.

now jay was straight as a plank, even though sometimes ryan said otherwise- what did he even know but there was just something about jonghun and his soft moans.

'hey bro, do you want to do another set or are you done?' jay asks and jonghun lets out a breathy sigh in response.

'is that a-'

'i want you to work me... hard,' jonghun whines, wiping beads of sweat from his forehead.

jay swallows audibly, 'i need to make a phone call.'


'taec, what makes someone gay?' jay asks, panicked - he'd opted to not call ryan because when has he ever been of use.

'i'd say a dick in their ass if they also have a dick?' taecyeon replies, 'why? i'm in the middle of a meeting, jay.'

'what if you want to be the dick in the ass? you're straight then, right?'

'nope, still pretty gay.'

'aw shit.'

2. zico (block b)/lee hi: into the night- alkaline trio

hai was some kind of solace for jiho, a light when the darkness became too much.

she was just a kid, a smiling face that he had a soft spot for but he'd never an anticipated.

'i think i'm going to run away,' she tells him one day, hugging her knees.

he's not sure if she's serious or not, but he plays along just in case, 'where are you going to go?'

'maybe seoul?'

'you're serious?'

hai nods and zico is at a loss, wondering how she could leave behind all she'd ever known - leave him behind.

'come with me.'

and with that they disappeared into the night.

3. jay (trax)/junhyung (beast): our time now- plain white t's

'you want to do what?' junhyung deadpans as jay practically flounces into their apartment.

'a romantic cruise~!'

'you're actually kidding right? you're not off the wagon again are you? are you maybe dying? have you sorted out your will yet or-'

'junhyung, we're going. i already bought the tickets.'


'i hate this.'

'we're not even on the boat yet, give it a chance for me-'

'jay, this is not what couples our age do - this is what old people do-'

'that's strange because everyone looks younger than you.'

'then go with them!'


'you look good with a lei, junhyung,' jay smiles, glancing over his boyfriend.

'you look about 752 in this light, like a cracking vase.'

'you look like a sunbleached panda so how about you shut the fuck up,' jay says before getting up and storming off.

'jay i-'


he's not in their room and he's not tanning his butt cheeks in his embarrassing man thong by the pool so junhyung isn't entirely sure where to find him - until of course he remembers jay is a recovering alcoholic who would naturally flourish in a bar type scene and then junhyung finds himself aggressively speedwalking to find wherever the fuck the bar may be because what if someone was hitting on him or buying him a drink or looking at his manthong?!??!?!

of course, he doesn't really expect to find what he does - jay sitting hunched over with a glass of water moaning to the bartender about excessive sunlight and puffy lipped idiots (that must be me, junhyung thinks).

'can i buy you a drink?' junhyung wheedles, leaning against the counter beside jay.

'only if it comes with a free go away and it's non-alcoholic.'

'how about i use your wallet and cling to you like a koala for twenty minutes?'

jay shots junhyung an incredulous look, 'are you suffering from heatstroke or-'

'let's hold hands and walk across the hull of the boat and pretend we're filming the titanic-'

'junhyung, i-'

'and i'll go down when we bump into something hard and-'

'junhyung, i hate this just as much as you.'

'you love it, you don't have to lie- you know it ages you dramatically right?'

'i hate forcing you to be like this, do what you want.'

'so basically cancel everything except for acting out the titanic, sound good?'


4. yoseob (beast)/jason (ledapple): body of water- red hot chili peppers

jason is singing in falsetto as he drops an effervescent tablet into his glass of water, a trail of english that yoseob doesn't really understand but jason seems to be really into it and he's happy so yoseob just nods and lets out a shaky accented, 'yeah!'

but then jason is pressing him into the counter, wrists against his sides and he's towering over him.

'jason- hanbyul- what are you doing?' yoseob blinks up at him.

'i'm made with life to spare~' jason sings into yoseob's hair as he wraps his arm around him and yoseob finally clicks that jason is irish drunk.

'min,' jason whines, 'you've gotten so muscly and tall~'

yoseob snorts into jason's chest, but any humour quickly fades away as jason's hands slip down to yoseob's backside and squeeze.


'why do i have a black eye again?' jason asks the next morning, blissfully unaware.

'because of the science of love,' yoseob deadpans.

5. jay (trax)/cl (2ne1): kelsey-metro station

chaerin's been youngdeok's assistant for six months, that's just over 30 weeks of seeing the way his eyes light up when she walks in the room - that's seven bouquets of roses, nine cacti and three orchids and she's not even going to recount the snacks or the undersized pair of kitten heels.

chaerin's also been jiho's girlfriend for seven years now, that's 2557 days - two bouquets (dead tulips and some orange roses that he had gotten from his mother) of flowers, three oversized shirts that used to belong in his wardrobe and a half melted chocolate bar that he got from yukwon.

youngdeok doesn't stand a chance.

6. jr (got7)/roy kim: hell yes- beck

'weren't you going to gym?' sangwoo asks, surprised to spot jinyoung at home - dressed in orange leg warmers that make his legs look like niknaks and a long stripey sailor shirt (he hopes he's at least wearing boxers under there) - he's swaying like seaweed to what sounds like a string of i-can-say-something-weirder-than-you-to-the-sound-of-a-spaceship-malfunctioning.

'i've been doing this for about seven hours now-'

'did you not go to work?'

'what? no. i got fired like two weeks ago, where have you been?''


'that's not important right now okay, dance with me this song is amazing.'

'jinyoung this isn't music,' sangwoo says, deadpan, as jinyoung does a motherly shimmy towards him - revealing that in fact... he wasn't wearing boxers.

'okay no i'm leaving,' sangwoo says, reaching for his keys-

it's then that jinyoung starts doing these jivey body waves against roy's hip and singing in a lady voice, 'i'm doing my thing~ i'm doing my thing~'

'please refrain from doing your thing on my leg.'

7. heechul (super junior)/aron (nu'est): top of the world- all american rejects

aron has worked for the irs for nearly three years now, but in all that time he'd never met anyone quite like kim heechul.

'mr kim, you're literally spending 300% more than you need to by keeping on every single light in your house 24/7,' aron states, as he follows heechul almost room to room.

'i look best in well lit areas, is that a crime?'

'no but-'

heechul closes the bedroom door in aron's face and he pauses for a moment in thought before-

'and you're spending insane amounts on crockery... daily! you can't throw away a cup just because you used it once, why do you even have a sink-'

heechul rips the door open, 'because, you uneducated lout, i'm kim heechul.'

8. daegun (f.cuz)/kim yerim: still in love- caleb denison

daegun's mapping out her fingerprints, training them to memory even though he's fairly sure they mirror his at this point.

they've grown misshapen and bent over the years, grown together.

yerim's a little disconnected- disjointed and lost and she rocks back and forth on the balls of her feet but he supplements her by always being on his toes - they balance each other.

she plays a diminished g seventh from their worn down sofa and maybe the guitar is a little out, but he sits at her feet like he's sitting at the bottom of an altar and he closes his eyes and gets lost in her voice

and every year, every glimmer of light and dark - it still feels like it's all yet to come it's just day one but it's infinity and they're still in love.

9. rap monster (bts)/siwon (super junior) (soyeon(t-ara)): i write sins not tragedies- panic! at the disco

nope ->(physically there's no difference between the two them - at least internally though siwon is convinced namjoon is a smoker and of course siwon is about 98% more muscular than namjoon could ever dream of being

they both have eyebrows and eyes and all the usual things, and even though siwon had his third nipple removed at age 8 he can't really fault namjoon on his appearance)

siwon was made for the role of the groom, from his height to his face to his body line he was made to be waiting at the end of the aisle. that's what soyeon told him every day anyway.

except now the day has come and instead of tearing up as soyeon traipses her way towards him and maybe heechul makes a catty comment about her dress - he's in confession and so's namjoon and they're talking about how jungkook looks like an angry rabbit and siwon barely even knows jungkook /or/ namjoon.

'who even invited you to the wedding?' siwon asks, curiousity peaked.

'i'm soyeon's brother,' namjoon scoffs, 'you're kidding right?'

'of course,' siwon proffers weakly.

'shouldn't you be exchanging vows with her round about now?'

'shouldn't you be your mother's human tissue right now?'

'do you want to get out of here?'

'.... what?'

'i don't know, let's go grab a beer or something.'

'but- i'm marrying your sister... people have expectations i have to meet- i'm the groom.'

'you don't always have to conform to someone else's needs.'

'you want me to conform to your needs.'

'only because they're in your best interest.'

siwon hesitates, fingers bunching up the dark material of his slacks.

'she's cheating on you anyway.'

'i-' siwon wants to feel heart broken and betrayed, values he held dear so easily trampled on but instead he finds himself responding with, 'yeah, let's go.'

10. jungkook (bts)/yerin (15&): crazy- simple plan

jungkook is pretty sure he's imagining things, there's no way yerin just shifted closer to him but he can feel a radiating body heat that definitely wasn't there before.

now her hand is on his knee and she's still smiling and talking casually - like there's nothing at all wrong and then her hand is sliding up a little higher and-

'hey kookie, do you want anything else to eat?' yugyeom asks, crescent eyes shining in the warm light of the diner.

'can we get more chicken?' jungkook asks, even though he's barely touched his food.

'are you okay? you seem a bit flustered.' khunpimook says as he's sliding closer in the booth.

'no no i'm fine i-' and then khunpimook's hand is splayed high on his other thigh, fingers dangerously close to his crotch.

and then the kicker, yugyeom leans forward across the table until his breath is warm on jungkook's face and-


jungkook bolts upright in bedroom, it's 2.33 AM and his heart is beating so hard he thinks he might be experiencing cardiac arrest or whatever.

kookiemonster has created the group crazy
saengpa has joined
bamx2 has joined
yerintheway has joined
kookiemonster: we need to have a talk.
saengpa: ... can it wait until school in the morning?
bamx2: so bright whyy arye you doijnf this tio me.
yerintheway: are you okay?

jungkook pauses, staring at his phone screen - how could he even begin to explain-

kookiemonster: goodnight ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
bamx2: i haate iyou.
saengpa: you're dead to me.
yerintheway: ... goodnight.

it should be okay, it was all just a dream anyway.


except of course when your older brother is satan and tells all your friends that you were moaning all of their names in your sleep.
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